All pieces are one-of-a-kind. Work can be purchased by appointment at the studio by calling 717-625-2451.

Prices range from $75 to $1500. Because pieces are one-of-a-kind, these exact items may not be available. All work is for viewing pleasure only; it cannot by used as functional pottery.

This is a version of the traditional Japanese raku pottery technique. Click on photos to enlarge.

Aquarena Springs Aurora Sea Illustions Tapestry
Time Leaves Memories Moonscapes Slippery When Wet Ancient Combs
Green Springs      
These luminaries are designed to be used with candles or electric lights. Shadowlamps © are made from porcelain, stoneware, and earthenware. Click on photos to enlarge.
Porcelain Twist White Orchid Red Winds  
Jade Collar White Vines Fluted Rims  
These examples show the versatility of the work, from incised porcelain vessels to wood-fired porcelain. Click on photos to enlarge.

Mystic Deer Run

Sedona Memories Terra Alba

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